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Taking Stock and Risk-Proofing Yourself

Dear Friends, 

Trees are glowing with the colors of sunset, my daughters are deep into schoolwork, and the warmth of the holidays is nudging around the corners of my consciousness. This is the time when I begin to take stock. I think of what the current year has meant to me, what I have left to achieve, and I begin to visualize my dreams for the new year. 

Are you taking time to reflect on your achievements and set goals for the year ahead? Schedule A Complimentary Career Check-In NowWhen you’re responsible for running a large organization or program, you may not spend much time thinking about your own development. You are the instrument of change for your organizations, so when you maximize your leadership effectiveness, you have an exponential effect on others. 

As a leader, you ultimately succeed or fail based on two things:How well you know yourselfHow well you understand your impact on othersTo grow and scale your leadership, it’s key to invest in a reality check of these two things. With that knowledge, you can then identify how you can evolve.  


To be an effective leader, you must know and understand how and why you do what you do. You must have a clear understanding of your personal values, motivations and interests. These 3 things form your belief system, your internal operating system.  That system drives everything you do - consciously and unconsciously.

Your internal operating system creates assumptions upon which you base your behavior. If you don’t know what drives you, you can’t make active, conscious choices. You may be acting on inaccurate and incomplete information.

Everyone has blind spots, and they can impact everything you and your team try to achieve. Once you know yourself, you can leverage your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.  

External Awareness

In addition to self-awareness, successful leaders clearly understand the impact they have on their boss, key stakeholders and team.  Any blind spots here can sabotage your upward mobility and credibility with colleagues who your success is tied to and dependent on. 

Being aware of how you show up to others and the impact you have on them gives you choice - and choice gives you the power to change.

The Path Forward: Modern Leadership 

Today’s leadership is about awareness and accountability. Know yourself, know how well you work with others, and eliminate your blind spots. This enables you to address gaps and be the most effective leader you can be. 

Everyone needs help to sort through the beliefs and behaviors that hold us back. When you do the real work, using tools that can identify habits and behaviors you may not be aware of or know how to shift, you are on the path to owning your career and success. More importantly, you’ll become the kind of leader people want to work with. The kind of leader that creates a thriving culture and enables professional success.Let's Get Started!As you think about the New Year and the shift you’d like to make to maximize your leadership, I’m available to work with you to craft a personal, step-by-step development strategy to assess your goals, strengths, and potential derailers. Let's design a game plan for how you want to show up as a leader.

Book a complimentary career check-in, with no obligation. On our call, we’ll discuss your goals, strengths and motivations, so you'll be working with authenticity and staying true to your values as you lead.

Helping legal and compliance executives is my passion.

My mission is to empower and teach as many professionals as I can how to be the kind of leader that inspires organizations to do the right thing and ultimately make the world a better place. If this sounds like a fit, I invite you to book a session.

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