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From the beginning of my career, I recognized the importance of giving voice to underrepresented groups. One of my first jobs was lobbying in support of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (protecting the rights of people with disabilities in all aspects of employment, in accessing public services and private establishments e.g., hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings).

I have strong beliefs around making sure women have a platform for their unique challenges and perspectives. I have dedicated professional and personal time to move important issues and legislation forward, such as California's SB826 and Washington State's SB6037 (the first laws in the U.S. requiring corporate boards to include women) and access to reproductive healthcare. For several years I've served as a mentor in the She Shares program to support the next generation of professional women in establishing a platform and path forward for themselves and their community.

Now, as a successful, independent business owner, I am able to give back by providing executive coaching scholarships annually to emerging leaders dedicated to today’s important causes. 

Outside of my business, I am very active in fundraising, education and awareness campaigns focused on visual art, music and theatre experiences.


I believe that an appreciation for arts and culture is an effective vehicle for bringing people together in bridging and cultivating deeper understanding, which is what I try to accomplish with all of my advocacy work both professionally and personally.




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