​A former Fortune Global 50 executive, Amii partners with leaders, teams and boards in the U.S. and abroad to successfully shape and support business strategy and performance excellence. Her services include executive and team coaching, strategic planning, organizational design, leadership retreats, and change management.


​Amii provides breakthrough team performance solutions for executives and boards through team coaching; productive conflict and leadership workshops; world class assessments; and strategic planning retreats.


Executive coaching is about facilitating impactful and sustainable change. 


Amii works with you 1:1 to create a behavior-based plan, informed by stakeholder interviews and assessments.


Individual Executive Coaching

Amii’s helps great leaders get better. A former Fortune Global 50 C-Suite executive herself, she understands the challenges and opportunities facing leaders. Amii's clients are Fortune 500 executives whose work is critically important to the organization and help define its culture. Coaching engagements are a minimum of six months and frequently one year, depending on individual goals and the level of organizational change required.

Executive Team: Leadership Profile

This 360 assessment provides leadership teams with an assessment of individual and team leadership effectiveness, measuring defined competencies that either contribute to or limit high achievement leadership. Through increased awareness of strengths and development opportunities, groundbreaking change occurs at a higher level and sustainable pace. 

Team Solutions

Seeking to increase productivity, reduce destructive conflict and build more effective working relationships on your team? Amii will work with you to customize a solution that enables alignment, vision and execution of business and workplace culture goals.  ​

Measuring Leadership Culture

Do you have an effective leadership culture? 38% of organizational performance can be traced to the impact of your leadership — and it can be measured. Improving collective leadership can give your organization a competitive advantage and the ability to create a thriving workplace for everyone. 



Associate General Counsel, $750M

Silicon Valley Tech Company (public)

Before working with Amii, I didn't know why I was running into challenges in my career and had no idea how to overcome them. Amii's guidance and support has helped me to be recognized within my company for all the right reasons, and it led me to earn the promotion that I was seeking.

David E. Ritchie, Jr.

President & CEO,

American River Bank

Amii’s Leadership Team 360 Assessment provided our executives with an insightful evaluation of individual and collective effectiveness that we could quickly use to analyze where our group could achieve the best combined results. Since implementation, organizational performance has improved and the team -- from our newest, to long tenured members -- gelled rapidly because we agreed to a common language and developed a newfound appreciation for each other’s strengths. Our team has an improved ability to identify actionable areas that drive positive results inside the organization and high growth impact in our industry.

Sr. Vice Provost for Global Engagement/

Chief International Officer,

University of Texas at Austin

Amii is an exceptional asset for any organization or individual seeking executive coaching to help shape and support business strategy and performance improvements. She’s a versatile and impartial active listener. With decades of experience in business and nonprofit sectors, she understands the nuances of leading complex organizations and will help any executive shift perspectives and tackle myriad situations. She builds alliances with her clients and stays committed to their goals throughout the process.

Cynthia Chavez

Executive Director,


Amii 's coaching was like a heat-seeking missile, helping me focus on exactly what I needed to do during one of the most challenging times in my career.

Karen Sullivan

VP & Senior Counsel,

Bank of the West

Amii brings a holistic approach to culture and organizational performance. She is an amazing strategic leader, able to build a tight-knit team and integrate cultural vision.

Director and Senior Counsel,

Global Legal Department,

The Gap, Inc. 

It is my honor and privilege to recommend Amii. Her years of experience in law, business, HR and the nonprofit sectors combined with her intelligence, holistic approach and genuine investment in my professional development make her a standout mentor! I'm thankful for the invaluable coaching experience Amii provided, including her honest feedback and strategic considerations. Amii's active listening and thoughtful advice helped me succeed in my new role in a senior management position.





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