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6 Steps to Delivering Bad News and Reducing Risk

Updated: Apr 27

I am happy to provide this free tool that you can use in your organization when you need to have a sensitive or stressful conversation with your board, boss, client or employee - and you're the messenger. After 20 years of serving as a risk executive, I have distilled my best practices into the following 6 steps:

1. Psychologically Prepare Your Audience

2. Rehearse Confident Delivery

3. Be Fully Present and Fully Focused.

4. Convey Benevolent, Proactive Intent.

5. Explain Without Justifying.

6. Add a Sense of Urgency.

Want specifics of how to do the above? Download this .pdf file to print and post to keep these success steps in sight, in mind. Share with your teams, and they can use it as a checklist when they need to deliver bad news. And if you want a deeper dive, contact me about my keynote on "The Art and Skill of Delivering Bad News and Reducing Risk."

Barnard-Bahn 6 Steps to Delivering Bad News
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