5 Keys to Effective and More Effortless Leadership


The information below is a concise and in-depth overview of my approach to executive coaching and leading more effectively and effortlessly. 

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Clients seek out my assistance when one or more of the following issues are a challenge for them:

1. My clients may have a valued, high potential employee that feels stuck and frustrated that they are not moving forward in their career. They have a solid track record of results with their company. But they’re not getting the results they want and often not getting the feedback they need to improve. 

2. In some cases a client may share important developmental feedback with a key executive or high potential employee, and the results of that feedback are surprising or hurtful to the employee. They feel a little shellshocked and are at risk of losing confidence in their abilities, leaving the company, or becoming disengaged. 

3. Or perhaps a client promotes an internal leader for their first executive role. Or they bring in a rock star external hire to up-level and challenge the thinking of their leadership team. And they are looking at ways to help the employee
build alliances, align with the culture, and execute their responsibilities.

4. In limited cases I work directly with an executive looking for assistance in getting promoted and negotiating their worth, overcoming negative perceptions and responding strategically to challenging performance feedback, or overcoming an obstacle that is preventing them from moving forward in their career. 


Who are the clients I work with?

I work exclusively with companies to support their corporate executives and high potential leaders, who primarily serve in roles such as General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and other risk and corporate culture leadership disciplines.


In some cases I will work with client executives in corporate strategy, R&D, marketing, sales and operations.


I help these leaders achieve accelerated results and overcome obstacles through a wide variety of approaches, tools and disciplines.


My clients are typically C-Suite executives and seasoned professionals who have been working for over a decade and are experts in their field. 


They want to cultivate healthy workplace cultures and help their organization and leaders do the right thing. They like helping people and making a difference.


They are a diverse group, many from around the world, from different ethnic groups, races and cultures. What they have in common is marked intelligence, a growth mindset, and a passion to lead at their best- to achieve their full potential, professionally and personally.


The clients I work with want to influence, drive culture, and lead with integrity. They attract the best and brightest employees to their ranks, to achieve business goals and make the world a better place. They want to lead sustainable change, have the mandate and resources they need to get the job done.


Why is this program needed?

Many leaders or high potential professionals don’t know how to get their performance to the next level. They may not be getting the feedback they need, or may be experiencing overwhelm due to increased responsibilities.


They may have been told they have a “derailing behavior” that may impact their ability to lead or even stall their career, or they find it difficult to influence decisions that help them achieve their goals.


Most get some feedback or career support from their boss or HR colleagues but don’t have a clear path to the C-Suite or, once they’ve got that seat at the table, they struggle with how to move forward successfully.


They don’t have any reliable, repeatable strategies for ensuring they are respected and rewarded fully for their efforts and maximizing their leadership potential.


These are some typical issues they struggle with:

• Influencing key outcomes at their companies

• Effectively leading and maximizing the full potential of their teams

• Possessing awareness of how they are perceived by others, how to leverage their strengths and manage derailing behaviors

• Burnout, especially during periods of high-demand

• Obtaining the resources they need to effectively manage risk (headcount, sponsorship and $$$)

• Inspiring their organization to do the right thing


My work focuses on these five outcome-oriented practices:

1. Understanding your personal values, preferences and motivations that provide the fundamental basis for enhancing and strengthening your own authentic leadership.


2. Obtaining performance feedback from your key stakeholders on potential areas of opportunity for behaviors that may be holding you back from being fully recognized and rewarded for your contributions, and that impact the performance that your boss and stakeholders are expecting.


3. Co-creating a written action plan with specific inner and outer behavior practices that are based on your leadership style, tailored to the demands of your role, and are responsive to your boss’ and key stakeholders’ feedback.


4. Providing support and accountability to implement your action plan with regularly scheduled coaching support, input from your manager/boss and/or HR business partner, and assignments that are customized to your personal leadership goals and team needs.


5. Measuring the success of the coaching engagement with stakeholders and creating a sustainability plan to ensure continued progress and self-awareness to ensure learning continues after the engagement, and that your new leadership behaviors stick.


It’s these five coaching practices that have proven to work the best to consistently get you the leadership results you seek.


What can you expect to gain from working with me?

You will become more self-aware of your leadership impact on others, eliminate potential blind spots, and lead more effectively and effortlessly with greater confidence. You will have a greater impact on your company, team, and other key stakeholders and share the value you have – both authentically and persuasively.


Leading will be less of a struggle and mystery and feel more natural and meaningful. You’ll become more confident in your power and comfortable in your key relationships.


Ultimately, you’ll adopt a whole new leadership mindset.


How do I work with my clients?

Companies sponsor my 1:1 work with executive clients in an intensive, customized coaching program.


Engagements start at six months minimum, and we meet twice monthly via Zoom. Depending on your location, sometimes we have an opportunity to meet in person as mutually agreed.


Learning through discovery and application

It’s all about awareness of self and others, cultivating executive presence, and demonstrating strategic thinking. It’s about developing and sharing your thought leadership in emotionally intelligent and impactful ways that will attract others to adopt your ideas and follow your leadership.


We’ll meet, gather performance feedback data and assessment results, talk, and explore. Then you’ll work at applying what you learn to hone your leadership skills, become confident in making and communicating your decisions, and demonstrating your readiness for greater responsibility in front of your boss, colleagues and Board.


Most leaders succeed or fail based on two things: How well they know themselves, and how well they get along with others. Successful leaders become expert at managing these two key variables. It’s about self-awareness and external awareness — knowing how and why you do what you do, and being aware of how your behavior impacts others so you can influence and achieve results with and through others.


What does this program help you avoid?

Executive leadership can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of leadership theories, business books, personality assessments, and literally a million things you could try. And it can be costly to your career and frustrating to experiment, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.


What will work for you right now, to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals? Where should you spend your time and what should you avoid?


So, I help you avoid confusion and overwhelm. I show you what works and help you develop the skills to implement the most effective approaches and strategies. I coach, consult, and support you in being successful at being an effective leader.


How is my approach different?

My work was developed as a result of over 20 years working my way up to the C-Suite in multiple organizations, Global Fortune 50 companies and nonprofits, followed by extensive coaching training and certification and another 5 years of coaching Fortune 500 and startup executives.


It is practical and informed by my real-world experience at the top companies around the globe — from being an employment counsel, CHRO, CCO, CAO, and certified executive coach. It is an insights to action program.


Working together, you’ll gain insights and knowledge that you will immediately put to use, along with customized assignments based on your specific challenges and goals. Your progress will be measured by your manager and stakeholders that you identify are critical to your success.


You will work harder at this program than almost anything you’ve previously done in your career. And your leadership confidence and results will move forward measurably — and with greater ease.


What is this program not?

It is not a fluffy program that temporarily makes you or your company feel better. It’s about increasing your awareness, taking action and implementing sustainable change that will serve you and your company over your entire career.


It is not about the power of positive thinking, though I am supportive and nurturing, and unequivocally believe in the power of my clients to be exceptional.


It is not about simply playing to your strengths, “fake it ‘til you make it,” comforting platitudes, or unicorns and rainbows… leadership is hard work.


This program is about awareness and action. Knowing yourself, the impact of your behavior on others and how you are perceived, understanding the culture and system you are in, learning principles and practices that work, evaluating options and then taking action. It’s about breakthrough insights that lead to positive behavior change.


It is not just a series of nice conversations where you feel good afterwards but nothing changes.


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