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Be Heard! Getting The Top To Deliver Your Message

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This article was originally featured in Compliance and Ethics Professional (CEP) Magazine®, SCCE's award-winning, monthly publication available to members.

On a good day, it can be challenging to get leaders to speak with a unified voice around doing the right thing—in other words, running an ethical business that is productively serving its customers, shareholders, and employees. In times like these, when world events like a global pandemic and racial injustice are on everyone’s

mind, it is anything but business as usual. In a crisis, organizations may have a tendency to fall into fear-based decision-making and make a push for profit at all costs, which can lead to brand damage, low morale, key talent departures, and regulatory enforcement when business goes bad.

How does this change or put a spotlight on the work of a compliance officer, when employees are concerned for their safety in every way, industries are undergoing exponential change, layoffs and furloughs are becoming routine, and we can’t even physically get together for a meeting to connect?

The stewardship, clear thinking, and insight that compliance and ethics brings to the CEO has never been more critical. We need to react quickly and thoughtfully. Here are five things you can do right now to equip yourself in influencing the tone at the top, on good days and bad. (Click below to read the full article.)

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