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Be relevant, be brief, be gone.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

This mantra is music to the ears of executives.

The key to achieving this is all about the time you put into the preparation. 

Before you even get to that, always remember: any request you make for a meeting should be designed with the outcome in mind. 

I worked for one CEO who trained me wonderfully in this discipline. You literally could not get time on his calendar without providing his executive assistant with four things: 

1) The purpose of the meeting 2) Whether he would be asked to make any decisions at the meeting 3) If a decision was requested, had I invited all of the stakeholders to the meeting? 4) Confirmation that I would provide him and those stakeholders in advance with all salient information on the decision to be made

Compliance with these four elements ensured that our meetings were purposeful, focused, and because all of the right people were being informed real-time in the room, we always gained a solid outcome without delay in the decision-making. 

Run all your meetings like this and watch your organizational currency soar.

In The News

I recently participated in a timely Q&A with Forbes contributor and leadership strategy expert Alisa Cohn on the future of women on boards and what that means for all of us. Join the conversation on this LinkedIn post, or reply to this email with your thoughts on this important topic.  

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