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DesuckifyWork: Finding our way through, with Amii Barnard-Bahn

Ever wonder what the leaders of your company are thinking? What they truly care about? What terrifies them?

Our guest today on the DesuckifyWork™ Podcast has a pretty good idea. Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD, PCC has worked with hundreds of C-suite executives, helping them become more self-aware, more inspiring and more in tune with the values that really matter to them and their organization.

There’s a lot of tension in the workplace right now. And the best execs are out there trying to figure out a way through. Others, are stumbling and fumbling, often quite publicly.

Amii and I talk about all of this and more during our conversation.

We touch on the return to work mandates and how those choices are often driven by fear at the highest levels.

We discuss the seemingly endless rounds of layoffs and what companies can do better, both in terms of process and how the layoffs are communicated.

And we speak about how to make yourself more promotable, something that is often vaguely understood at best. Amii has developed a Promotability Index® and a companion guidebook that outlines clear steps to help you advance your career.

By the way, we also touched on the importance of career growth, even if getting promoted up the ranks isn’t your goal. There is no one “right” path to a Descukfied work experience, after all.

This episode is chock full of desuckification, thanks to Amii’s brilliance. You can follow Amii on LinkedIn. And you should absolutely check out her site (link in comments) to learn more about her coaching, speaking and consulting expertise.

Speaking of expertise, I also know a thing or three and you can learn more about it at my site (link in comments) If you want to know more about the one or three things I know, let’s set up a free 30-minute “what the heck is coaching all about” call.

Bye, everyone!

TJ Bennett, host

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