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Great Women in Compliance: Knowing Your Worth

March 14, was #equalpayday , which is a reminder that even with all of the forward progress for women, the pay disparity still exists. We couldn't have had more perfect timing for Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD, PCC to join us. Amii is a leader for women executives, in her coaching and consulting work, her advocacy for women on Boards and pay equity.

In this episode., Amii discusses pay equity, as well as recently joining another #gwic, Rebecca Walker at Kaplan & Walker LLP. She also talks about She discusses her work in Promotability Index and the PI Guidebook: How the Promotability Index® Can Help You Get Ahead in Your Career, and provides practical advice about professional advancement and negotiating compensation.

We also touch on the importance of team-building and being an active listener.

The Great Women in Compliance podcast is taking its "spring break," and Mary Shirley and I will be back with a joint episode on April 5 with some news...

You can hear this episode at Corporate Compliance Insights here:

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