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Q&A: Compliance and relationship-building with Amii Barnard-Bahn

By now, you probably know that your job isn’t just about making sure your company follows the rules. It’s also about relationships: getting buy-in from your leadership, gaining the trust of your employees, and effectively managing your own team.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done, right?

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD, PCC, CCEP, C-suite coach, and E&C leader extraordinaire, to share her knowledge on fostering relationships with the folks at your org to elevate your team’s role in the company.

Did you SEE all those letters at the end of her name? She’s the real deal!

Here’s why you should listen to her:

🌟 She’s a former Fortune 5 (you read that right—5, not 500) exec who now runs her own shop providing coaching for compliance and legal pros. 🎒 She’s a member of the Harvard Institute of Coaching (yes, that Harvard), and is a guest lecturer at Stanford and Berkeley. 📜 Speaking of Harvard, she contributes to the Harvard Business Review as well as Fast Company and (can’t forget compliance!) Compliance Week.

We think Amii’s pretty impressive, so we’re thrilled that she’s guest blogging for us! Check out her Q&A for advice on:

  • What to do first if you’re new to an org,

  • How to transform the check-the-box perception of compliance, and

  • Ways to foster a healthy environment of “good tension.”

➡️ Read on for the full interview here.

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