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Retaliation — The not-so-silent killer of compliance and ethics

What is the biggest threat to company ethics?


➡️ Retaliation happens more than we want to believe. Companies should treat it as a serious threat and manage it actively, as they would with other serious risks.

➡️ People are predisposed to dislike and distrust bad news messengers, making retaliation a somewhat natural defensive response to unwelcome concerns.

➡️ Retaliation is such a serious threat to compliance and ethics programs that it should be treated as its own legal and regulatory risk.

Hot off the press, Joe Murphy, and I tackle this in our article in Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) magazine.

💥 We provide 8 pointers for companies who want to do the right thing

💥 And 6 steps you can take to prevent, detect, and deter retaliation.

➡️ What other guidance would you add?

Click here for the full article:

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