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The Ethics Experts, with Nick Gallo

From Nick Gallo:

Can you handle the truth? If you can't learn how to take constructive criticism, you're ALWAYS going to be stagnating...

Negative feedback is WAY better than no feedback at all! When people have something to say it means, at the very least, that they are engaged with your organization and invested in its improvement.

It's essential not just to receive constructive criticism, but actively encourage it! It's not just the C-suite that has good ideas about how to improve the organization, there's a whole workforce that spend most of their day thinking about their jobs, workplaces, organizations, and (hopefully) wishing that things could be better.

Big thanks to Amii Barnard-Bahn, JD, PCC, CCEP-Bahn, Partner at Kaplan & Walker LLP, and Founder & CEO of Barnard-Bahn Coaching & Consulting for her great insights!

Listen to The Ethics Experts with Nick Gallo, full episode here.

Nick Gallo, Kristy Grant-Hart, Amii, and Melanie Sponholz, Atlanta 2023

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