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What word will you choose?

A lot has happened over the past couple of years, most of it out of our control. But I have chosen a word to carry me forward into 2023 and that word is intention.

Intention is something we can control. It lies within our power. If we set our intention before acting, we can direct our energy, manage our attention, to achieve what we want to accomplish. We can set an intention to bring kindness and empathy to our relationships, to think before we speak, to put down the unnecessary baggage in our lives, to travel lighter, to say no so that we can say yes to the important things. Intention is the vision we bring to our attention. Research has shown that we need to envision a future before we can achieve it. We shape our lives moment by moment, brick by brick. Think of intention as the mortar that bonds our moments together. Without intention, over time you just have a pile of scattered bricks. With intention, you can build a house that will inspire, nurture and shelter you through the most difficult of times. ➡️ What are your intentions for the coming year? ➡️ What is your biggest piece of unfinished business from 2022? ➡️ How do you want to show up as a leader, a friend, a member of your family? Take a few minutes to reflect on the answers to these questions. It will help you thoughtfully close out this year and start the new year fresh. And if you’d like to consider work trends to watch, I recently shared my tips with the Wall Street Journal on The New Rules of Getting Face Time at the Office. Being seen at work still matters for your career, but there are smarter ways to boost your profile than pretending you live at your desk. Finally: I'll be hosting a masterclass on January 25 for you, my private newsletter community, on "My Top 5 Rules for Executive Acceleration.” Watch for the signup right after the new year. A great way to start 2023! Wishing you all a healthy, loving, and peaceful holiday season.


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