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Podcast: 50, Not Dead

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Amii is a dynamic advocate for women's issues, as she shares her rich and adventurous journey beyond the age of 50. Unveil the layers of her unconventional career path, blending a role at a law firm with a thriving coaching practice. Amii is a partner at Kaplan and Walker, and she's also CEO of Barnard-Bahn Coaching & Consulting.

With 20 years of Fortune 500 executive experience under her belt, Amii's narrative offers a personal touch, from her working mom experiences to her passion for the arts and a 28-year marriage that originated at the opera. We unfold reflections on language immersion and cultural exploration, spiced with dreams infused with Mandarin words and a touch of humor about age milestones.

Tackling the challenges faced by senior women in corporate settings, Amii sheds light on gendered sexism, ageism, and the power dynamics of layoffs. Discover her hopeful outlook on macroeconomic forces driving positive changes for women in their 50s and 60s.

"50 Not Dead" emerges as more than a podcast on age; it's a platform empowering women to take charge of their careers, find happiness beyond success, and navigate the intriguing journey beyond 50.

Many thanks to Kamrin Huban for inviting me to her show.

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